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We take pride in our occupational health and safety (OHS) management program. We understand it takes a genuine commitment to build OHS excellence. We use proven methods and techniques that will complement your organization's structure and workflow. We continuously review our offerings to enhance and improve our service delivery. We have the knowledge, capacity, and skills to deliver exceptional OHS solutions tailored to your organization's requirements.
360° OHS Solutions

Health and Safety Legal Compliance?​

Our OHS program assist our clients in meeting their duties as defined by the Occupational Health and Safety Act no 85 of 1993.

Risk Assessment Program

Hazards Identification; Risks Evaluation; Control measures Implementation; and monitoring the effectiveness of controls.

Policy & Procedures

Establishing a standard principle of action that is adopted by an organization to manage risk effectively in all its business processes.

Training & Assessments

Increasing the OHS knowledge and skills of the workforce to enable workers to perform their jobs safely and effectively

Monitoring & Enforcement

Observing the risk controls measures overtime to compel employees to observe and comply with risk control measures.
Three steps to success

Are Incidents and accidents eating away your profits?

We make it more manageable for employers to deal with their OHS challenges by prescribing a cost-effective OHS management program tailored to their needs.

Identify Difficulties​

We’ll talk about your current challenges and concerns and perform an initial site inspection to evaluate your circumstances.

Set Goals and Objectives​

Based on our evaluation and your requirements we will designate an OHS Practitioner that will adequately and expertly assist with determining your goals.

Develop an Action Plan

We will prepare a "select" safety solution that will address your unique circumstances. We will draft a tailored OHS proposal based on your risk levels and available resources to kick-start your exciting new OHS journey.

Employees taking shortcuts and ignoring rules?

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