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Select Safety Solutions is a leading provider of health and safety management programs. We offer a wide range of services that will suit any organization, big or small. From consulting to training, we have what it takes to make your workplace safer. We have a team of professionals that can help you develop and implement an effective health and safety management system. Our motto is "zero harm" because zero injuries and incidents foster sustainable business. Let us show you how our OHS management program can benefit your business today!
360° OHS Solutions

Health and Safety Legal Compliance?​

Select Safety Solutions has experienced staff that will guide you through all of the necessary steps to reach your OHS objectives as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act no 85 of 1993. We are always trying to provide incentives and in-service training that meet both your budget and needs in managing safety effectively.

Risk Assessment Program

Identifying hazards, evaluating risks, and implementing control measures are all important parts of disaster preparedness. However, it is equally crucial to monitor the effectiveness of each measure put in place so that any necessary adjustments can be made as soon as possible.

Policy and Procedures

The standard principles will enable an organization to be prepared for any mishaps, and it gives them peace of mind as they go through their day; knowing that every measure has been taken into account when deciding how best to act or react at each given moment during normal business operations

Training and Assessments

All workers should be knowledgeable of the risks and safety procedures required to protect themselves. It's a worker's responsibility not to endanger their own lives or those around them, but an investment in their well-being is worth it!

Monitoring and Enforcement

Observing the risk controls measures overtime to compel employees to observe and comply with risk control measures.
Three steps to success

Making workplaces safer and more profitable

At Select Safety Solutions, we’re making workplaces safer with innovative ideas and simple solutions. We are working to reduce injuries and workers' compensation costs – one business at a time.

Identify Difficulties​

We’ll help you find a solution to your current challenges and concerns. We'll take the time during our initial site inspection to evaluate your particulars for an appropriate plan of action.

Set Goals and Objectives​

We will find an OHS Practitioner to assist you in determining what your goals are.

Develop an Action Plan

We will prepare a "select" safety solution that is geared to address your unique circumstances. We'll draft tailored OHS proposal based on your risk levels and available resources; this kick-starts the exciting new journey of workplace health & safety management for you!
Employees taking shortcuts and ignoring rules?

Let’s Talk About Your Business

Sometimes the answers you're looking for can be found in a 30-minute consultation with a proven expert. That short meeting could be the difference between persistence and failure. Our 30-minute consultation is a free, confidential meeting where we can assess your situation, establish a plan of action moving forward, and give you honest advice to get you back on track. We'll help you figure out the first steps you should take right now to move forward - free of charge.
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