About Us

Select Safety Solutions is a Health and Safety consulting company established in partnership with the Select Africa group to provide industry-leading health and safety solutions to the corporate, industrial, commercial, and construction industries.

Select Safety Solutions believes that Health and Safety management form an integral part of sustainable business and should be embraced by organisations to remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. The alignment of an organisation’s culture with its Health and Safety vision and objectives is crucial for any Health and Safety management program to be successful.  A disconnect between the organisation’s broader culture and its vision and objectives are many times the reason for poor health and safety performance throughout the organisation. This disconnect that many organisations unknowingly face is the key reason why Select Safety Solutions was established.

We aim to identify the key problem areas to offer “select” solutions to organisations with unique Health and Safety difficulties. We bridge the gap with programs that starts by resetting the tone from the top and focuses on aligning organisational culture with its vision and objectives enabling organisations to better realise its goals.


At Select Safety Solutions, there are several values which we hold in high regard. These values are honesty, reliability, integrity, faith, and hope. We trust that these values set us apart from the rest and allow us to provide high-quality Health and Safety services in a professional and efficient manner


Our mission is to lead the Health and Safety industry in ground-breaking management programs and services that effectively and economically manage Health and Safety in the workplace, ensuring Health and Safety legal compliance and achieving success that contributes to competitiveness in the market and business sustainability.


Christian Kruger, health and safety specialist and founder of Select Safety Solutions (Pty) Ltd established the company to work with business leaders, managers and skilled professionals to assist organisations better deal with key problems impacting on health and safety management and positioning them for success. He holds a B-Tech degree with a specialisation in safety management from the University of South Africa and is a member of the South African Council for Construction Management Professions, he brings a wealth of industry Health and Safety experience accessible to organisations to utilise in their organisational Health and Safety management.

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