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a family

We have established Select Safety Solutions in strategic partnership with the Select Africa group, a family run business with international experience in a diverse range of industries. We are a family, a high-performance team of specialists geared to provide a professional service better and more effectively than our competitors. We value teamwork and, we rely on one another’s strengths to produce the industry-leading occupational health and safety solutions that we are proud of. We set our vision ahead to what we want to become but we learn from our past to guide us towards new beginnings where we can lead the industry in ground-breaking, and innovative thinking positively remodelling occupational health and safety culture.



We are engaged in a specialist’s capacity to assist and represent businesses in a style that performs beyond the expected.



We value attention to detail while establishing and developing occupational health and safety management programs.



Our mission is to lead the OHS industry in ground-breaking management applications that efficiently and economically control workplace health and safety.

“It takes leadership to improve safety”

Jackie Stewart

What we work towards


Our mission is to lead the Occupational Health and Safety industry in ground-breaking management applications that efficiently and economically control workplace health and safety, ensuring legal compliance that contributes to competitiveness in the market and business sustainability.

What we stand for


The values that guide us while we relentlessly pursue our business goals are honesty, reliability, integrity, faith, and hope. We believe that these values set us apart from the rest and allow us to provide high-quality Occupational Health and Safety services professionally and effectively.

communication is key

personal service

making a start

We value long term relationships where we can build an OHS first management culture together over time. Any business relationship starts with that first interaction of getting to know one another. We appreciate our business partners and, we always get excited to learn about new opportunities and areas where we can assist because it inspires us to think creatively and innovatively, both areas where we thrive.

get to know each other

We will get to know one another to get a better idea of the business environment we are working with and describe how our exceptional services can assist your business.

understanding your business

We will evaluate your organizational culture and business environment to discover areas for improvement and establish where your OHS concerns may be.

determining your goals

We will get an idea of what you would like to achieve and towards what areas we should aim our efforts. We will establish how we will measure success and what pitfalls to avoid.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Not sure where to begin? Click the button below to find our contact details. Give us a call or send us a message and, we will help you to discover what we can do for your OHS management program today.

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we work hard
in all fields

We provide support to businesses from assessing and managing business risk through to helping them prepare for those unexpected contingent events. We also assist in monitoring current systems and practices to evaluate effectiveness and efficiency. We help in any area of OHS management.

Risk Management

We assist in the development of risk management plans, followed by a structured methodology to help organizations systematically manage risk.

Systems Development

We assist in developing occupational health and safety systems that support business strategy to help achieve results with the end goals in mind.

Plant & Facility Audits

We conduct external audits to guide clients from an external viewpoint. External Audits help to identify dangerous areas in need of improvement or to provide recognition for those areas that are doing great.

Incident Investigations

We assist clients in dealing with those unfortunate situations where things go wrong to minimize loss and by developing measures to prevent re-occurrences.
“The point is that being able to demonstrate ‘due diligence’ is not about having a thing (a policy or a system or a heap of procedures and checklists) it is about doing a thing”
Max Geyer