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When it comes to occupational health and safety management we have a strong will and drive to help you achieve success in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy works environment for your employees. We believe that to successfully compete and win in the market place there needs to be a safe and healthy works environment without the continuous distractions and inefficiencies that are caused by incidents and accidents. The works environment should motivate your employees to do their best work because high employee morale naturally improves performance which in turn is required when you want to produce a superior valued product or deliver and exceptional service.

hazard identification & risk assessment

Development of baseline risk assessments (Project/Geographical); Issue-based risk assessment (Functional); continuous risk assessment program. (Checklists; Mini HIRA); construction project health and safety specifications.

health & safety policy & procedures at the workplace

Development of health and safety policies; safe work procedures, operating procedures; construction project health and safety plans.

occupational health & safety training

We provide risk assessment training; Safe work / operating procedure training; General / site-specific induction training; Specialized training available upon request

occupational health & safety Program Monitoring

Planned task observation program development and implementation; Hazzard reporting program development and implementation; Construction project and contractor health and safety audits; Inspection registers monitoring and auditing; Safety plan monitoring and reviewing; Equipment, tools, and facility inspections

Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (COIDA) Claims management

We assist with submissions of new claims; Assist employees to recover money due to them from the fund. We assist employers to resolve problematic or backlogged claims.

Workplace Incident & Accident Investigations

Initial onsite investigations. Root cause analysis. Corrective and preventative measures development and implementation.

Occupational Health & Safety Advice

We assist with any concern or difficulty, problem, or challenge to provide guidance and advice based on and industry standards and best practices.

Construction health & safety plan or files

We assist with the development and implementation of health and safety plans and associated files for clients in the construction sector.

Workplace Inspections & Audits

We perform workplace health and safety inspections and full compliance audits to assist clients in their OHS continuous improvement cycle.

Health & Safety culture assessment & improvement programs

When OHS culture is a concern we assist by providing a full organizational OHS culture assessment and improvement program to ensure the workplace OHS culture works in favor of creating and sustaining and safe and healthy works environment.

ISO 45001 systems development & implementation

We assist clients in developing and implementing an OHS program based on the international safety management system (ISO 45001) to enable clients to obtain formal certification.

Attending project Safety Meetings

We represent clients in project safety meetings or facility safety committee meetings to provide guidance and advice.

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We provide superior occupational health and safety management solutions while simultaneously providing outstanding client satisfaction and support.



We are relentlessly compelled to achieve OHS management excellence for our clients, we are hard-working and ambitious because we understand that the success of our clients enables us to grow and develop so that we may continue to assist organizations in our community.



We have a robust enthusiasm for the ever-growing field of OHS management. We obtain great satisfaction in being the best in our field so that we can assist our clients to aim for OHS excellence.



We capitalize on the involvement of people to create innovative new ideas, our vision is to create techniques and practices in the field of OHS management that goes beyond what was done before. We involve our clients and their workforce in the creative process of solving complex and unique OHS challenges.

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We are always greatly inspired to observe the synergy that is created when the workforce gets involved and starts to get excited about workplace health and safety. It is a paradigm that moves away from a supervision based approach towards a team dependent approach that creates a type of magic that happens only when the workers feel free to actively participate and contribute to the workplace OHS program. This type of interdependent works environment creates ownership and encourages accountability where the workforce is proud of their workplace and willingly starts to help others when they may deviate from the expected OHS practices.

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When you are not sure where to begin or what to do, then schedule an appointment with one of our experienced OHS practitioners to lead you through the process of achieving your individual and unique OHS goals while growing and maintaining a safe and healthy works environment.