Our Services

The services that we provide aim to assist our clients in meeting their duties as an employer as detailed in Ses.8 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and Sec 5 of the construction regulations 2014 respectively. Although we aim for legal compliance, we strive to go beyond to ensure that our client’s health and safety management program actively contributes towards their organizational sustainability and a competitive advantage in the market.


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Risk assessments

  • Development of baseline risk assessments (Project/Geographical)
  • Development of Issue-based risk assessment (Functional)
  • Development of continuous risk assessment program. (Checklists; Mini HIRA)
  • Development of construction project health and safety specifications

Policies and Procedures

  • Development of health and safety policies
  • Development of safe work procedures
  • Development of safe operating procedures
  • Development of construction project health and safety plans

Training and assessments

  • We provide risk assessment training
  • Safe work / operating procedure training
  • General / site-specific induction training
  • Specialized training available upon request

Program Monitoring

  • Planned task observation program development and implementation
  • Hazzard reporting program development and implementation
  • Construction project and contractor health and safety audits
  • Inspection registers monitoring and auditing
  • Safety plan monitoring and reviewing
  • Incident investigations and reporting
  • Equipment, tools and facility inspections

Program Enforcement

  • Development of positive enforcement and behavioral-based health and safety programs
  • Refresher training as required
  • Through auditing and monitoring, we provide a comprehensive report recommending corrective action

Additional services

  • Attending project Safety Meetings
  • Compiling of construction health and safety files as per the project specification
  • Implementation and maintenance of construction project health and safety files
  • Developing legal appointments.
  • Organizational health and safety culture assessment and improvement programs
  • ISO 45001 systems development and implementation

Health and Safety Audit

  • Administration and legal requirements verification
  • Education, training and promotion programs verification
  • Public safety and emergency preparedness programs verification
  • Housekeeping verification
  • Electrical safeguarding verification
  • Emergency/fire prevention and protection verification
  • Transport and material handling verification
  • Workplace, environment, health and hygiene verification

ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety

ISO 45001 gap audit

  • Verification of the context of the organization
  • Leadership and worker participation verification
  • Planning systems verification
  • Support systems verification
  • Operational programs verification
  • Performance evaluation programs verification
  • Improvement programs verification
  • Includes comprehensive systems gap analysis report

ISO 45001 Systems Development and Implementation

  1. Includes ISO 45001 gap audit
  2. Establishment of the context of the organization
  3. Development of leadership and worker participation programs
  4. Development of planning systems
  5. Development of support systems
  6. Development of operational programs
  7. Development of performance evaluation programs
  8. Development of Improvement programs
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